Sunday, June 28, 2009

using the same design . . .

Nolan and I are on the build again. This time we are building two things. We are building a "run" for the front of the Eggmobile. A run is a place for our girls (which is what I have been calling the pullets) to be outside, but contained. At night we put them in the Eggmobile so they can be safe, and they can nest and roost. Currently we are just using wire circling it around the front door to keep the chicken contained to one area. As they have gotten older though, they are starting to fly out and now we are having to chase them around to keep them out of the garden, and keep the cats from eating them.

The second build is a structure that will be the same design and same shape but we will be using it to house the 25 meat birds I just ordered the other day. These birds will arrive on the 8th of July and will be ready for butchering in 7 weeks when they reach maturity. We will use this structure to house the chickens that are going to become our dinner guests. I am actually looking forward to butchering our own chickens!

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