Sunday, June 7, 2009

process of building . . .

Now that summer break is in session . . . let the projects BEGIN!

The last days of school I drummed up some business making art. I got a commission to do one of my portrait scribble drawings for an upcoming wedding, and then ending up taking the drawing the whole process of framing it as well. What a great time spending the day with Maine teaching her how to use some tools, and the process of building a hand-made frame. When I finished routing out one side, she used the air compressor to blow of the wood chips and dust. She also helped by cutting with the miter saw, gluing and clamping the frames, and placing the V nails for me to nail in. When we sanded the frame she got to feel the "fuzz" run through her hand and arms! She also helped cutting the glass by breaking it after I scored it.

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lov said...

i do so love my scribble picture! :)