Friday, January 21, 2011

our best wishes . . .

This week has been a vacation it seems.  Monday was a holiday, Wednesday school was canceled, and now today we are on a delay (so far).  It feels like break time all over again!

Today is the day that Amory, our oldest daughter, turns 15.  Wow, time stops for no one, not even her.  As we were filling out best wishes for her on her card, I wrote that I never imagined my first born daughter at the age of fifteen.  Not that I did not expect that day to come all at.  It's just that it has come so quickly.  Sort-of like when you fall asleep in a chair for just a second, and in reality it is a couple of hours that you have been "resting".

Today my little girl is no longer my "little" girl.  She is a 5'9" stately young woman that has God's grace woven into the fabric of her character.  She is a pleasure to have as a daughter and a joy to her siblings.  She is bright, responsible, gentle, caring, and witty.  She is everything that a fifteen year old daughter should be.  Since she is not caught up in the usual fifteen year old emotional and situational drama, she is everything that I imagined and hoped she would be.

Happy Birthday Amory!  We love you.

This is the 18 x 24 inch card I made for her and had all the children sign.  Having a HUGE card was Maine's and Macy's idea.  :) 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

along for some fun . . .

This one is for Ed and Barbara!


Down the road 3 mile or so is a cemetery that the locals have used as a sledding area for years.  This afternoon we joined in fun and brought our sleds along for some fun in the sun . . . I mean snow!

 Gresham, along with sledding, decided that it would be just as much fun to roll down the hill as slide down it.  It was funny to watch him roll down on an angle and end up completely disoriented.