Saturday, June 20, 2009

not a sound . . .

Here's how I spent my late morning.

For those who live in California, think . . . at the beach, warm and very windy, blue sky and a hint of moisture in the air. In addition, pretend that no one went the beach except for you, and that there was not even a noise from another living soul. (I did have an one ATV and one car drive down our rode during the hours I spent there)

For those that think I am lazy . . . go ahead. And I am a huge fat sinner as well . . . comfortable in my Brazilian hammock. :)


Jeffery Weita said...

Sinner, maybe. Fat! Not a chance! wish I could be in that hammock for few blissful hours. Have a Happy Fathers Day! Be blessed!

lov said...

i want to hang out in a hammock

but not in texas!