Monday, June 8, 2009

working on the eggmobile . . .

Here's a job for a 15year old that will keep him busy thinking and working. Now that the brooder is up and running with the chicks, Nolan started working on the Eggmobile. He first started with ripping some barn wood to upcycle it. Next, he built the walls on the long sides then attached them with the short sides. Tonight he finished building the nesting boxes that will go inside. We stayed out late, working under lights in order to get them done. Tomorrow the roof and siding goes on.

This is the dresser I was working on a couple of posts earlier. It is now finished. I think I'll be using it in our large, luxurious bathroom to store towels. (a big joke . . . you can't even turn around in a circle in our bathroom now. Imagine 8 people using one bathroom that has an area of 20 square feet. That's 5' x 4' standing room)

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