Sunday, March 2, 2014

10 years later . . .

MANY years ago, Miss Leisa came on one of her many visits to the US.  That year was 2004.  And since she is here now, EXACTLY 10 years later, it was only appropriate to take another photo just like the one back then.  This photo is the one now, with some of the children grown, some a lot older, and a new addition to the family.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

ice skating . . .

Over the Christmas break this year I took the children ice skating. This is the seven year old at it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let it snow. . .

The weekend has brought another surprise, snow! Actually not a surprise at all, being that we have had PLENTY of snow these past couple weeks. Nevertheless, the aftereffect of the latest snowfall was BEAUTIFUL . . .

Our beautiful foal. . .

We now have an official "flock" of sheep!

These past couple days have been those of enjoying the snow, from the comfort of right next to the stove :)

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

traction . . .

Ask me how happy I am with my new/used car.  Go ahead, I DARE YOU.  :)

Two weeks ago I bought the car that I have been wanting for YEARS.  A Black, Volvo Station Wagon.  I know, it seems like an old man's car, but hey, I AM an old man.

It is a 2002 AWD V70 with leather heated seats, and a trunk that is waist high.  Since I bought it I put new brakes on, and just now had to replace the steering wheel pump.  But since I got a great deal on it, it was not a big deal to get those things fixed.  In fact, I still have spent WAY less than the KBB suggested price for it.

The traction on it is excellent, and the features on the car make my ride to school a pleasure.  And since I have newer wheels to get me to and from, I gave the girls the Chevy Malibu as "their" car to run themselves around.  Amory takes it to college two days a week, and both Amory and Macy use it to get to orchestra practice together.  And since Macy has orthodontist appointments, she schedules her own times and drives herself there.  YEAH for me.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

downloading files . . .

For me, backing up files/photos is not necessarily fun work to do.  Maybe that's why I never got into the IT world.  However, what is fun, while doing it, is going through old photos of the children and LAUGHING about the types of things we did with them when they were younger.  Hence, the 2003 Halloween costumes made from recycled clothes!  Which, by the way, seems like only yesterday to me.
 And speaking of yesterday, my little baby girl became an adult!  YIKES.  Now I have two grown children and time seems to be going even faster than it ever has.

You have been a JOY to have and to watch grow.  I could not be happier about who you have become.  Let God direct and guide you.  Love people like they are your family.  Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends (it goes by quickly).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas break 2013 . . .

Christmas 2013 has come and gone . . . even though I am STILL on Christmas break!  The weather has been so cold here that school has been cancelled for now the THIRD day in a row.  Certainly no complaints from me.  In fact, it has given me a few days to do all the projects I have wanted to do over the break, but didn't do because I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME watching online television shows.  :)

This past break started out with all of us sick for two to three days.  And then just about a day or two before Christmas we all got our "sorts" back and started watching the television series of ALIAS.  Three to four episodes a day, with some food and chores intermingled, made up most of the days.  We did do a couple of outings, like ice skating, and visiting friends, but most of the time was spent watching shows.  (now we are on the first series of LOST)

For Christmas this year I got the children the types of things they wanted/needed.  It seems the older they get, the harder it is to find things that they will enjoy and use.  I spend most of the year listening to the types of things they talk about, then try to use the information I gather to get them items the really want.  It is always a guessing game for parents, and I am glad that I have the type of children that are content with whatever I give them.  And this year was no different.  It seemed that they all were elated with what I got for them, and what they got/made for each other.

And we also made some newer updates to the house this season as well.  Since our oven went out several months ago, (we do have a basement kitchen with an oven/and a wood cook oven as well) I replaced the old oven with a new scratch/dent buy that I got a GREAT deal on.  And it was the EXACT same size as the hole in the cabinet.

 And since I replaced the oven with stainless steel, I sold the fairly new white refrigerator to a friend, and got the matching Frigidaire side by side refrigerator.  Something that I had originally wanted anyway.
 And then there was the white dish washer that we never used.  We always hand wash the dishes, so I removed the unit and replaced it with a storage barrel and our old style ice cream maker.  I plan to have a cabinet built in it that matches the rest of the kitchen.
 And since the children were young, we always had the same chairs/love seat that we used in the music room.  They are all older now and often spend time in that room playing music with friends.  I wanted to create a more comfortable place for them to "be," so I replaced the older pieces with a couple of gently used items.  A friend from town that owns a used furniture store gave me a great deal on some used Ashley Furniture pieces that now complete the music/living room.
 And today was the day to take all the decorations down.  :(  I LOVE having Christmas decor for the holiday time.  Down came the tree, and the snowflakes that the children cut and taped to the door.
I am jazzed that I have another day of this break time tomorrow.  I'll probably spend the time shoveling so I can drive the car down the lane for school on Thursday.  That's IF we have it!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

snowed in. . .

We've been getting a lot of snow here in these past couple of days.
 It's pretty awesome.
 The sheep are fully prepared for all this, of course.
 They actually look happy.
 Some friends of ours got snowed in for a few days.
But they seem okay with it.

We always love company anyway.
Just some thoughts and pictures, as always ~Amory

Monday, November 11, 2013

open skies and fields...

Dad was out mowing yesterday with the neighbor's tractor, and manged to get the entire open pasture done. He is very excited about that, since it is snowing today. It's crazy how quickly the weather can change out here. One day it's fall, and the next, winter.

 This is the view of the field opposite to our farm. I am still amazed at the sheer amount of sky that is visible on clear days, like this one was.
 And since there can never be too many pictures of our barn.... :)

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

fall colors....

 I've been in quite the photography mood recently. It works out well, because the farm is so beautiful at this time of year!

 It has become the wood burning time of year again! As I write this, we are sitting in the warm living room, enjoying the heat from our wood cook-stove.

 This is Primrose, our Quarter Horse Lady's first foal with us. She was born in late summer, and it's crazy to see how big she's gotten over just a few short months.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

 This is me in my happy place.  :)
 And today was all about getting ready for the winter.  Today I cleaned the stove out, cleaned out the stove pipe, and checked the chimney to make sure it is ready for burning.
 And later in the day Asher and I added some glass to the outside of the chicken barn.  Past years we put plastic up, and then fought with it all winter tearing from the wind.  This year we are installing some extra patio glass I had left over from building the greenhouse.
 Amory has been out and about taking photos around the farm.  It is great to see her develop an eye for photos.
 Last week we got a new batch of chicken in.  The glass on the house is going to keep them warm this winter.
The sheep are all together now.  Come spring we should be adding around five more to our existing flock