Monday, June 15, 2009

using upcycled materials . . .

We are nearly done with the eggmobile now. We used old paneling for the sides; primed and painted it green. It still needs a roof (we have a makeshift one now) and we are on the hunt for some used materials for it. So far the total cost, besides the time, is around $43.00. (I bought some hardware, screws, chicken wire, and some paint) Everything else we used for this project was upcycled materials. It is fun to use old junk and turn it into the things you need (and have it look great too). Today the children brought the chickens out to try their new home. They LOVE it! We now have to figure out how to make it more mobile. :() It has gotten pretty heavy for us to move by lifting it up! We put some long thin branches in it that still have the bark on them for the chickens to roost on. I love the natural look. And Nolan and I are brainstorming about how we can use the old barn poles as wheels for it. If you have an idea for us, let us know . . . we need the help.

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William Cross said...

The important thing is that you all did it together. :)

God bless,