Tuesday, September 25, 2012

taking a book look . . .

Stopped by a used book store the other day that my neighbor owns.  The girls wanted to see if he had anything they wanted.  Come to find out, he is closing the store.  :(  However, he has opened a website to buy from.  Check it out here BOOKSBYTHEBUNCH.COM

Friday, September 21, 2012

of things to do . . .

Many, many, many things going on around the farm the past couple of weeks.  From hunting to digging, from mowing to freaking . . . and yet all is good.  :)
 Amory shot her first squirrel last week in a morning hunt with Asher.  He has been taking the girls with him and teaching them all he knows about how to hunt.
 Macy helped out front this past weekend with some of the mowing.  Since we have been having quite a bit of rain, and the weather has been nice in between, we have been spending a lot of time behind the mower.  It is a good thing that it is self-propelled!  Just recently Nolan fixed the riding mower so it will make the mowing more fun, and easier to keep up on.
 And since it was nice out last weekend, we toured around the house and dug up the flower/plant bed's rocks that have been buried under the grass for years.  It was on my list of things to do when we first moved here, and finally all 147 of them are out and looking great.
At school all day Macy has to use a laptop in most of her classes.  And part of that work on the computer is spent playing around with some of the programs on it.  She did have a hard time the first couple of weeks of attending school, but since then has settled a little in the routine of high school to be more like herself.  Or Gollum!