Tuesday, April 17, 2012

time will tell . . .

It is quite funny what children will do to ensure they have the cups where they want them.
And time will only tell what happens next.  Our situation does not seems to be getting any better, and the time waiting is beginning to weigh heavy on all of us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

extremely hard . . .

Nolan has been such a great help around the farm this spring.  With working full time, he has still managed to help in so many ways.

First, setting up some movable fencing to allow the animals to graze off some of the rich clover on the garden spots.  And then last Friday helping me with the sheep shearing.  It was our first time shearing sheep and we had a wondeful teacher helping us along the way.  Flint has been working with sheep for several years and made the job seem so easy.  However, for both of us, it was extremely hard!

Ildi will be sending the wool off to get cleaned and carded, then it goes into her new spinning wheel to be made into yarn. YEAH!