Sunday, February 24, 2013

finished the upstairs bathroom . . .

When we first moved in, we peeled paper off the walls, and I painted this bathroom.  I did a rush job on it knowing that I needed to get the rest of the house done before we moved in.  Just these past few weeks, I have repainted, and finally finished the bathoom now.  I was only planning on cleaning it a bit, but Macy encouraged me to fill some cracks, and repaint it to make it "fresh."  She was right.  I am happier now that I took the time to do all the details of it.

Since the room did not have an exhaust fan, I used an old ceiling fan that I removed from one of the bedrooms, painted it, and installed it.  A couple of miscellaneous finds from the Goodwill, repainted, and now our upstairs bath has a "fresh" start. I have a couple more accessories to go, like a bath caddy, some towels, and a new rug, and it will be done.  I love the clean feeling of a newly painted room!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

rabbits . . .

Amory and Asher went rabbit hunting last weekend and brought home some food for us.  They ended up getting three rabbits altogether.  Amory dressed them out, put them in the crocl pot, cooked them, and then froze them for a meal later.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye and Hello...

The newest goodbye was just this afternoon. Our white van, that has been ours for as long as I can remember, was sold today. I took pictures of it just last night, then by around 9:00, Dad had already got 5 calls asking about it. One of the men that called for it stopped by this afternoon and bought it, just like that :)

Goodbye... We are NOT sad to see you go! :)
Newest hello is to this lovely piece of plastic!

Yes, I got my permit! I was 15 and a half on Valentines Day, and I wanted to get my permit as soon as I could. So I did a couple practice tests last night and this morning, then Dad drove me up to the BMV to get it. I was SO excited :) I passed the test then we waited FOREVER until their computer worked, then Dad had me drive home.... I was shaking like a leaf. Dad was yelling at me the whole time, saying things like "The speeed limit is 55 NOT 30, push the gas pedel!" All in all an eventfull day :)
Post be MacyAnne

Saturday, February 9, 2013

boys room . . .

The boys room, on the other hand, had paper.  And lots of it!  Some of it was peeling off already, so it made it a little easier to peel the rest of the paper off.
 And one of the seven radiators that were bad needed to be dismantled and removed as well.
The room now definitely has a young man feel to it!  Guns on the wall, bones and animal parts, and live rats.  Yes.  Live rats!  Both Asher and Maine raise RATS!

Asher purchased a couple of box traps last year, so he used the black and white picture from the package to make some wood picture boards from them.  After he glued the image to the board, he scroll cut them out.  Currently he has a racoon, squirrel, and a pheasant one.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It is GREAT having creative children.  I am never really sure what they are going to come up with next.  From mud houses, doll clothing, weapons, to even SCARS that looks real!
The other day Amory came downstairs after giving herself a scar.  I tried not to react because she seemed so calm about it.  After a minute or so, she told me that she had made it, and not gotten it, and that it wasn' real.
Apparently Maine, the youngest girl, and the PSYCHOTIC creative one, had a small scracth on her forehead.  She decided to use some lipstick, lip balm, and some polish to make the scratch larger and more noticeable.  Why, I'll never know.  But the creative part is fun to watch.  Macy ended up going to school with the scar to show her friends 
 Since that night they have been making different types of scars on their faces.  Ones that look like a clawed animals have scratched them.
 And sword slashed marks as well.
 Including deep cut lacerations.
I kind-of shake my head a little at it.  They call it skill-building!