Friday, July 3, 2009

five chickens later . . .

I think that we are finally done with the Eggmobile. We have made some minor, and somewhat major, adjustments. Tweaking it every other day to help save our little chickens has been the goal.

Two nights ago two chickens lost one of their legs. In the morning when I went to move the eggmobile, they were dead, with their whole thighs ripped off their bodies. From what I gather, an animal (probably a raccoon) is digging under the skid and yanking on the legs of the chickens to have them for a late night snack. I've heard of frog legs . . . but CHICKEN LEGS?

Yesterday, I spent some time building a sub floor for the coop. I ran some studs framing it in and laid some hardboard down as a floor separating the chickens from the ground. This morning, we had all the chickens we had last night so I hope this will solve the problem.

Another addition to the farm is the go-cart. My sister, who lives in the city, gave us the cart to store at our farm. It was the kind of "toy" that sat in her garage without being used. Around a week ago, she offered to let us "store it" out here and let the children use it. Really, it is her just cleaning house. For our children, and those that visit, it has been blast! Nolan mowed a path through lots of the tall grasses around the place making a track of sorts to drive around. Three acres of land helps when you have a go-cart.

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