Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new farm additions . . .

Pigs actually do come from the sky!

The other day our neighbor came by and asked Macy (or Amory) if we would take a pig off her hands. Apparently, she found a small wondering pig that she thought fell of the feeder pig truck. The day came two days ago when she dropped off this little porker for us to raise and butcher. He's a tiny little thing. :)

I am also in the throws of building our first, genuine, composting OUTHOUSE! I have always been fascinated with outhouses and now am getting around to building one for the farm. It is a one-seater and will come equipped with a hand washing shelf and removable "waste" bucket. I am also planning to have a solar light placed in the ceiling for night-time users.

Charliano is a registered Thoroughbred Race Track horse that couldn't quite "make the grade" at the track and has now become part of the FOUTFOLK FARM. He came a couple of weeks ago, slightly injured from being pushed too hard, and is finding it home here with his look-alike female version (Lady) We all have decide to shorten his name a bit to Arlian. And he is HUGE, and FAST!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

sometimes they ride with saddles . . .

WHAT an eventful few days . . . PHEW! I need to take a big sleep now. :)

Wednesday after school I came home and started this whole series of NEW events that will continue until tomorrow evening. First, I came home right after school, got in my previously furniture loaded van and headed out to Wisconsin. An Amish friend of mine was getting married on Thursday, so I took a couple of days off from school to attend the wedding, and drive his belongings out to where he is going to be living now.

I arrived there early in the morning, around 2 AM and slept until early morning chore time. That day I witnessed a traditional Amish wedding full of customs and culture and spent the whole day involved with the celebration of the wedding couple.

The following day (Friday) I drove some of the extended family members on the Cassville Ferry over the Mississippi river into Iowa and took them back to their home.

From there I came back to Ohio after driving by Castle Rock, a home built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and President Ulysses S. Grant's Home in Galena, Illinois. I got home around 5:30 AM just in time to take a shower and see my children off to their very first horse riding competition.

Both Amory and Nolan have joined one of the local county's High School Equestrian Team and today was their first of three competitions involving horse riding. Nolan participated in English riding, and both him and Amory also competed in Western Style. I couldn't tell you the name of all of the events they did, but what I do know is that sometimes they rode with saddles, and sometimes without them!

In the activities they showed, walked, trotted, and cantered their horses, and Nolan even jumped with Lady. Here are photos of some of events they did today.

Monday, September 6, 2010

small town fun . . . and big time charm

Oakwood, a small village of 607 people (last census) had it's annual Homecoming Labor Day Weekend Parade today. Homecoming meaning those that have moved away come home for the weekend, not the football homecoming game being played. For such a small village, there was a HUGE turnout with a whopping 45 minute parade train!

These were some of the people that participated in the parade this year. Since it was our first visit to this small place (only fifteen minutes down the country road from us) it was a real treat to see this place full of small town pride . . . and small town charm.

And for us, the real WOW of this event was the children were participants in the parade, riding horseback! Here the children are riding with Cathy (the lady that is training the children on riding and training horses) along the 1/2 mile course. This is the first parade the children have ever been in, and was definitely exciting because they were able to ride horses along the parade route.