Monday, August 4, 2008

finding the right home . . .

What a WHIRLWIND of house hunting! Last week we spent the entire week driving in, around, and near Lima, Ohio to look for a home. We probably saw 20 homes altogether, and finally settled on one that we want. (or think we want) There are some catch 22 situations with it and we are offering a little more than we wanted to spend, but isn't that always the case when shopping for what you want? We always think it will take less time than it really does, cost less than it really does, and be easier than it really is.

We drove up Monday, and after driving by a few houses in the country, arrived at some friend's home by the early evening . On Tuesday, we spend the morning looking at homes, broke for lunch and then spent the evening looking again. We had two realtors and they split the workload by showing us property; one showed us the south/west parts in the morning, the other the north/eastern part in the afternoon. We then returned to our friend's homes to discuss all the places we saw that day. We followed that same itinerary for Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday were exhausted. We went to a few homes on Friday just to get a few more looks in on what was available.

We put an offer on a house that sits on one acre and have yet to hear back from the family if they will accept the offer or not. We are also trying to purchase some land from the relatives of the family to be a total of 6 acres for us to do our work we are planning. It looks like we will not know for a few days, and I will need to talk to the father who owns the farmland that surrounds the house to purchase it without the realtor. Seems a little sticky but we are going to try. If this doesn't work, it will be another trip to Ohio to secure a dwelling.

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