Tuesday, August 12, 2008

which way do we go . . .

The blue one, the green one, no the blue one, or maybe the green . . .

I feel like the last three weeks of our lives I have changed my mind more than I have in my entire life! Deciding where to live, if we should rent first, where to rent if we do, and what it is we are actually looking for is all becoming extremely VEXING! (in the words of Mrs. Bennett)
WE are so close to moving and still have not completely decided on if we should purchase the house we love, or hold out for the country home with lots of land. Here's the rundown and all of you can post your thoughts to help us in our decision.

1. Big beautiful house, (we love it) only 3 acres, no chance for more land later. Carry a little mortgage on it.

2. Move to a YUCKY rental next to our friends while we look for houses together as a family. It is a decent rental price, we don't have to sign a contract. As soon as we find the place, move. If we don't find a place, move to the house in number one above.

3. I leave and go to Ohio to work, live, and look for houses. Ildi and the children stay here in NC until I find a place. I don't find one, we move to the house in number one by November.

Here is some other information to help in the decision-making process. This sort-of feels like reality TV getting the audience to join in on the decision.

~The house here in NC is twice the rent, but it is a brand new home. We have the internet, utilities, and everything already in place. Don't have to move things twice. Pitfall, I will be away from the family, we have one vehicle, I would have to drive down on the weekends to stay. When I find a house I will want Ildi to look at it so i would drive down to get her to come up and look at it.
~The rental house in Ohio is half the price, no internet, (did I mention it was YUCKY) no lease or commitment, and we are all together with all our junk. We can look at properties together after I get home from school, we can visit friends, places to get online, and visit houses in the area. We could also set a tent out in the yard and "Camp" if we wanted. I don't have to drive 8 hours back to NC and 8 hours back to Ohio to work after the weekend.
~Just agree to the term of the landowners now. They only want to give up three acres and it is straight back to a forest the width of the property. Since it was this hard to arrive at this layout, there is probably no way we can get more land later. As well, it is 100k more than we were thinking of spending. But did I mention it was a beautiful home! 3100 sq. ft. new everything, we move right on in! And a full basement.

Please give us your input to help us on the decision process. I promise we won't hold you responsible. :) Here's the survey with a yellow circle around the land


SLM said...

I love to give my opinion. I think you move into the yucky rental and not only for my own enjoyment. It sounds to me that although you like house number 1, you are not sold on it or it would be a done deal. As for the other options...Are you off the hook. I just drove to OH/PA and I was ready to pull my toenails off when I got out of the car. I can't image that being a fun drive if you have to do it more than a couple of weekends. Good Luck. Hold out for the acreage!

Ginny said...

I would rent. You really don't want to buy until you know the area. Who knows what delights are lurking around unknown corners. Plus, I would not recommend breaking up the family unnecessarily. Just my opinion, which is worth about a cent and a half.

foutfolk said...

Susan . . . You have now confirmed your "strangeness" that I have already understood about you. :) I laughed out loud (there should be an easier way to say that) reading your post.

Ginny . . . Your penny and a half is quite valuable in my eyes. Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I say live in the 'yucky' house until God shows you the place he has for you.

foutfolk said...

Sherri . . . Ildi says "Thanks Sherri" as she sits in her beautiful office typing and clicking send. :)

SLM said...

It looks like the yucky house is winning! LOL.

leigh anna said...

i say....
pray about it, you know god will give you all the right answer!
but i'm totally not for breaking the family apart...so i say ....that option should be out!

oh and....regarding this
"I laughed out loud (there should be an easier way to say that) reading your post."
there is....you write....
i LOL while reading your post!
silly fout, didn't those young children at forest park teach you anything about the im-ing/texting world!
there are lots of them

lol= laugh out loud
omg= oh my gosh (or ga, god, etc)
rofl= roll on floor laughing
ttfn= ta ta for now
ttyl= talk to you later
b4n- bye for now
jk= just kidding
g2g= got to go

there are tons of them!

ok, so back to your decision....i'll make sure to keep you all in my prayers....
and where ever you go....i vote you be able to keep the internet so you can keep us all updated!

LCT4J said...

For what it's worth...the yucky rental sounds like your best option. You're next to friends, you're all together, you have time to look, and life is quite a bit simpler without the internet and other conveniences. It is yucky, but that might hasten your decision-making process and make you grateful for your next home! DON'T split your family up - maybe I'm wrong about that, but I don't think that's best. By the way, 3 acres is not enough land?! Is it not the usable land that you were hoping for? Anyway, I'll be praying that God give you wisdom.

foutfolk said...

We are looking for all the wisdom we can get! It hastening our decision is a good point. :) And the 3 acres...we COULD do what we are planning but it doesn't leave room for giving land to our children. Maybe we are thinking too far in the future and are not thinking right for the NOW. ARRRRRRRGHHHH! :)
Thanks for the input, it really is helpful to get your objective opinion.