Tuesday, August 5, 2008

family dynamics . . .

During our stay in Ohio, we have two families that we have become friends with over the past year or so, and on this visit, split the time we stayed at each home. One is a family of 9, where the father is a Presbyterian minister, and the other a family of six, where the man of the house farms. It is such a pleasure to be friends with such diverse people and we find that having relationship with both families, however different, is such a blessing.

During the first two days we stayed with the family that closely resembles us. The children play well together, the adults stay up way too late drinking coffee and having snacks, and we talk about the ins and outs of a large, young family. Our visits are filled with bonfires, talking, and planning for our futures.

The last three days we stayed with our farming, plain friends. These are the people who are actually making a living doing what we want to do. The days are filled with lots of work, but the pace of the work is not rushed. Mornings are always early, and we try hard to stay up to talk more in the evening. With this family we generally don't see the children much because they are off on the farm either milking or riding a cow, chasing the cats in the barn, riding the horse, or the other myriad of chores that need to be done.

Both Ildi and I find ourselves somewhat in the middle of these two types of family dynamics. I think that's why we enjoy them both.

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