Thursday, July 24, 2008

there is no " I " in TEAM . . .

This statement has always made me laugh when I have said it to others, or heard it myself. I must keep it in mind right now because we are experiencing a little bit of a stressful time, and it is easy to just think that you can do things easier if you just did them alone. As I remember the statement, I always say it to myself with a twinge of sarcasm. :)

From moving so many times, we have become proficient at the moving process. Locating places, starting and stopping services, updating addresses, loans, packing, hauling, acclimating, is all part of the process. I would write down a list of all things we must do in the next month but I don't want it to sound like we are burdened in any way. Not only is it not a burden, but actually, I find it pleasurable to have LOTS on my list and challenged to get through it all as smoothly and thoroughly as possible. Naturally I am a list maker and I have been for years. Even though I have a PDA, I still use pen and paper. As an artist I still enjoy the visual aspect of the list.

As a family we will travel to Ohio this next week to look for the farm. We are a little rushed for time in that I need to begin work on the 20th of August. Within the week, if I don't find the homestead that screams THE FOUTS NEED TO LIVE HERE! I will probably end up renting a place for a few months just to get out of NC and up to OH for work. I don't think eight hours commute each way is a wise decision.


leigh anna said...

i would have to agree with you about the commute...i personally don't like the 4.5 miles i have to drive to FPES in the AM and home in the PM, but that in itself is another story!

i'll be praying for you and your family that you are able to find a place that screams at you! (however if that happens...please don't let your little ones be scared)


and have you found that horse yet?

foutfolk said...

You are hilarious! You need to start a blog "o" matic.

leigh anna said...

well, you know
i am quite funny
but usually i'm the only one that thinks so!
apparently mrs. bowie figured out about two weeks ago that i actually talk, and she found herself laughing so much....but i think it was over the fact that she had never heard me say more than "good morning"
---oh well!

and about the blog....
i'll let you know when (IF) i start one!


so ....
what about that horse?!?!

foutfolk said...

You never look a gift one in the mouth I think :)

leigh anna said...

i totally don't get that

foutfolk said...

When you judge the quality of a horse, you look at it's teeth. So, if someone GIVES you a horse, you don't insult them by checking the quality of it. How does this apply to the conversation? The cart I am buying will work with that horse. And Bowie actually stopped to "see" you! Good for her. She reminds of Cher. A LOT! Without all the hair (rhymes with Cher)

leigh anna said...

thanks for filling me in
i've never had a horse, or a cart, so i've never put my cart before my horse....but i guess you gathered that!

and yeah!!! i totally see what you are saying with cher...its in the walk!

so....back to the horse,
what happens when a horse has eaten to many sugar cubes without brushing?

rob said...


As an ex-airforce brat I totally get the whole 'moving' thing. Even after 20+ years of moving from place to place I wish there was some sage wisdom I could offer, some tip that could enhance your experience. Being under the gun of school starting soon only adds emphasis to the stress.

I guess the only thing that helps me in such times is to remind myself that such times do not 'DEFINE' me but rather strengthen me. It seems a weak encouragement, but if you remember this in terms of 'The chief goal of man' as per the Westminster Confession of Faith it tends to be a bit helpful.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, my hope is that you find the perfect place, or rather you find the place that you can MAKE perfect for you and your family. Sometimes we are forced to make silk purses from sows ears.

Godspeed my friend.

P.S. BTW, what was the name of that other fungus? Not the Kombucha one, the other one.