Thursday, July 24, 2008

paperwork, addresses, and planning . . .

It us now the crunch time for the final move to the homestead! I just came back from Ohio (this time is was a "drive by" visit) where I signed some papers and looked at some properties. I have that feeling inside that I am a little nervous, giddy, and excited all at the same time.

On the school front, the lady I interviewed with informed me that the Principal of the Elementary school position that I applied for is moving to a Middle School. I didn't think it affected me at all, but as she continued telling me about it she introduced the "idea" of me working at the Middle School instead. I could tell that she was carefully using her words so as to not scare me about changing things already. I couldn't help but think that she had no idea who she was taking to. Most people would consider it an underhanded decision of sorts, sort-of like a sales technique. One might ask "Why didn't you tell me if you were thinking of changing the plan in the first place"? I could not, however, have planned a decision like this better myself! I have always wanted to find a position in the Middle School level and it seemed that it just hasn't worked out. She said she needed to convince the Middle School art teacher to take the Elementary job and that she would tell me of her decision by next week. God certainly is on the move.

On the home front, we are quickly approaching the busy season. Here's a list of the items needed to be done all before August 17th. All of which I am excited to do and can't wait to start checking off the list. (I so don't have the attitude that I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I work well under pressure and love efficiently accomplishing tasks)

1. Find a home this next week (if we don't, I need to procure a rental in the meantime)
2. Give my thirty-day notice
3. Stop all utilities
4. Pack our stuff
5. Move

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