Thursday, July 10, 2008

bikes and deals . . .

For awhile now I have been keeping my eye out for a good bike bargain. Macy, Asher, and Maine have been growing, and their one speed bikes have become hindering when we take our long bike treks. Recently, we have been riding around Salem Lake and even though the loop is 7 miles around, we are all able to do it fairly easily. Including Maine, the 7 year old! There are some other paths off the main artery but we haven't attempted them yet.

Since they had bikes, I couldn't justify buying new ones at the "super" stores even though they are relatively inexpensive. I struggle between the "keeping up with the Jones' " mentality like everyone else, and I wanted to have bikes that fit them, looked good, and that were in good condition. The ones they have have been given to us, and I am thankful for them, but I was in need (or want) of a couple newer ones. In Los Angles, we put many miles on them, but they are older now and the children have outgrown them. As I mentioned, it was hard for me just to go buy new bikes. Not because I couldn't afford bikes, or that the children didn't need them, it was more evaluative and trying to live frugally. Ildi and I have been living this way for a long time. We wait on things. Ildi does more waiting than me I must add. And, God usually surprises us with the things that we want for fractions of the cost. The same thing happened today.

I looked around Craigs list for a few days seeing if I could find a couple of bikes for $5 - $10. Didn't see any for a few days. Today I got on and noticed two bikes being sold from the same person. On closer look, they looked like REALLY nice bikes. I called and left a message, and later in the day the guy selling them (Malcom Wright look alike; except with a southern accent) called me back. I went over to his house telling myself that if they weren't in great condition, that I wasn't going to buy them. Anyway, not only were they in great condition, they were extremely GREAT bikes. The red one is a Roadmaster, a $70 bike, but the guy had hand-grip shifters put on for his son. The green one is a Trek 820 $350. Mountain Hardtail bike that has breakaway wheels, hand-grip shifters, and Shimano parts. All in all, when I saw them, I thought even if they aren't in good condition, those bikes are the good deal I was looking for. And, the price of $50.00 for both made it one of those situations where you say "thank you God" for always looking out for our interests.

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rob said...

The Trek is an AWESOME bike. Back in my earlier years I owned a Trek 830 (around $600) before it was lifted from my back yard, obviously from someone more needy than I. ;) I rode it around 60 miles every day, to school, to work, and back home. I have been sick over it for years and have wanted to get another, but with five kids and a modest income there is no way I could ever afford it again. You got a GREAT deal!

You'll love that Shimano hardware as well.