Wednesday, July 9, 2008

artist trading cards . . . and job offers

Here is an example of one of the ARTIST TRADING CARDS (ATC) I have made. It is similar to a professional sports playing card or the game trading cards in size (2.5 x 3.5) or (64 x 89mm for those from other countries) and it essentially works the same as other trading cards. There are however some distinct differences.

1. Artists make them originally. They are not printed. They are like mini-original works of art.

2. Artists trade them with each other, unlike professional players or gamers who don't trade them with each other. Only the people who collect the cards buy, sell, and trade them.

3. Artists use them as a way to share skills with each other, meet each other, and learn from each other. Again, unlike other trading cards, where the people who collect them don't have the skills the people "on" the cards have.

4. Artist's intent in making the cards is to create, enjoy, and develop as an artist. Other card traders usually are "in it" for what they can get "out of it".

I realized that this might sound like I have an attitude against trading cards of other kinds. To set the record straight, I don't. I have not collected trading cards before, but if I got my hands on one that I knew would make me money, I would be sure to get it. I just never personally believed in collecting pictures, jerseys, signatures, or memorabilia of "famous" people. Would I collect things like this? Maybe. I am sure that if I found a Andrew Wyeth painting or some Blenko glass in a thrift store, and the owner didn't know it was a rare piece of art, I would write a check, give them cash, or even charge it on the credit card!

And for work . . . I am in the last stages of finalizing a job offer in Ohio. PHEW! What that means is that we need to put all of our junk in a trunk, and move it up to a hometead in Ohio. I am hopeful that God will lead us to a place to dig our heels in for awhile. A LONG WHILE! I am so tired of moving. Since we have been married, Ildi and I have moved 7 times. That averages about once every two years.


Ginny said...

Where in Ohio? :-D

foutfolk said...

Lima area. Probably by tomorrow, I'll be taking a job at an elementary school on the east side of Lima, so I can move anywhere north, south, or east in the country. I hope nothing comes up though, like they accidentally promised someone else, they find something wrong with my credential, or we can't find a homestead to buy. But I guess that's why we live by faith huh? Is that what that means? :)

Ginny said...

I'm assuming you mean the Lima that is northwest of Columbus. There is another one southeast of Columbus. The first one is the one most people think of when you say "Lima"...

foutfolk said...

You're right. The one NW. I had no idea that there were two in Ohio.