Saturday, January 23, 2010

some before and afters . . .

Mostly these picture are for Chris H. however everyone else can enjoy them as well. Over the years of friendship, Chris and I have had joy in designing interiors of our many homes. Like us, his family has moved several times and he has painted, arranged furniture, and enjoyed adding his and his wife's style to their homes. These are the before/after pictures of our family room and kitchen. (the new part of the home) The last few years Ildi has wanted to try her hand at cooking on a wood cook stove. So, last weekend we installed the "New Decade" wood stove to not only heat the house, but to cook on as well. It is equipped with an oven to the right, and the entire top of it is a cooking area.

These two rooms are almost completely done minus some art on the walls, and a few minor changes.

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John & Tiffany: said...

Beautiful before and afters. A lovely home...a lovely family.