Monday, January 18, 2010

cut some wood . . .

Today was a great day on the homestead. For a couple of weeks I have only concentrated on painting and organizing in the house, however, since school was closed today, I spent almost the entire day outside doing work. And it was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside. A cool 27 degrees with no wind. Perfect weather for outside work.

This is Fly with her catch from the woods today. Both the dogs have been delighted in catching rabbits and digging in the ground to uncover field mice.

Floppy is our doberman/hound mix that wondered into our lives around 4 weeks ago. We hesitated keeping her but found that she keeps Fly with some good company.

Two days ago I bought Nolan a chain saw to cut some wood for us. Today we started cutting up some of the "down" wood in our 4 acres of woods. There is probably enough wood laying around to keep us in wood for the whole rest of the winter.

Both Nolan and I take turns cutting. Even though the saw is only 9-10 pounds, it does take quite a toll on your forearms. Maybe after a few years we will be strong enough to handle cutting for several hours without it being so exhausting.

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Barbara said...

I smile the entire time I is like a dream and ! it IS a dream come true. So, are you all in now? How is Ildi, by the way. Please tell her I send my deep deep love. Love and hugs to all the kids. Dan sends a special "hi" to Nolan!