Monday, January 25, 2010

repairing to do . . .

This past weekend Nolan and I spent some time fixing a few of the barn doors that had jumped off the track. Big doors . . . big work. We have two more to hang, and a little repairing to do on the weather beaten bottoms, then we'll be mostly done with the barn door work. I love the idea of getting the outside buildings not only functional, but aesthetic as well.

In addition to fixing some of the outside stuff, a good friend and his family came over on Saturday for dinner. Patrick brought along his Stihl chainsaw and helped us cut some more wood to burn for this winter. It's nice to have someone who knows what they are doing with a chainsaw to give tips and pointers on how to cut wood. He has cut wood since his youth, and is a reservoir of information on cutting techniques. LOOK AT THE FORM on that MAN! :)

I'm almost ready to post another few before/after pictures of the interior. :)


Barbara said...

loved the before and after pics so far!!! my face AND MY HEART smiled. Erica and I loved looking at all the pics. I am continuously thrilled. SO HOW IS ILDI????? ?Can you please please please give her a hug for me???? Make her give you one back from me too...and all the kids (both of you!)

Patrick said...

The coveralls make the man--