Friday, January 15, 2010

day nine through now . . .

This is the view driving into the property; the detached garage and workshop, and the HUGE grain barn in the back.

Wow! Did I mention that I really don't enjoy moving? I am soooooo DONE NOW with moving my junk all around the country.

Here's a bullet fashion snippet of what happened the last several days.

I stayed at the house up until Friday before move day to get as much painting done as possible. I painted almost the entire interior of the home minus three bedrooms and the master bedroom.

After we moved in, the existing radiators stopped working one day. Little did we know that we need to keep an eye on the propane and NOT let it run out!

We got the well pipes fixed and we now have water to the barn. No more dragging 5 gallon buckets of water out to water the animals. :) (it's really heavy to carry those buckets full of water about a 100 yards)

I found some radiators on craigslist and plant tp check them out this next week. Since I have Monday off of school, I am planning to drive up to Toledo and see if they will fit in my home. If they do, that will save me several thousands of dollars.

Tomorrow I drive to the Amish to get my wood cook stove I ordered. It will be GREAT to have an additional heat source in the house.

Lastly, the boxes of books, decor, and miscellaneous is finally dwindling. I can see light at the end of it all.

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