Thursday, July 5, 2007

waiting for the day...

As the day of moving draws nearer, the anticipation in our hearts is increasing. The days seem to "linger" and we are filling them with last minute visits to the beach, and saying goodbye to old friends. Saying goodbye is always difficult, however, we are finding excitement about what awaits us.

There are still a few things that need to be wrapped up before we actually leave and drive across the entire United States though. Hopefully, those tid-bits will be quickly and easily handled. From packing to selling, the list of items to take care of before a move seems to never end!

Today I spent some time online looking for banks in the area as well as where the local post office was. I also spent some time studying the names of streets and how they run through the city. Seems boring huh? Also, a local realtor sent some literature about the city and the surrounding area that gave me insight on the various places to visit, places to eat, and cultural activities that are planned. What fun it is to find out about the place prior to moving!

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