Wednesday, July 4, 2007

a little history

What prompted this move was the closing of my position teaching art in the public schools here in greater Los Angeles. Ildi had been talking about moving to the country, getting a cow, growing food........and I was reluctant. Having come from a small rural town, I was in no hurry to go back to the place where everyone knew everyone, and the checkout line at the local grocery store took hours because the checker needed to catch everyone up in the line on the local gossip. Hence, the reason I moved to the city! Anyway, coming from different angles, she convinced me that tending "things" was something that I was already doing and that it wouldn't be that different to just increase the scale. I wasn't completely convinced, until January, when I recieved the notice that my position at school was closing. With the state tests becoming more important, classes like art are being phased out and replaced with additional math and language arts classes. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if God would open the door for us to move out of state and possibly start on the process of purchasing some land to work on. After some research, we settled on North Carolina, and I started down the road of finding a new position teaching there. After visiting and interviewing at several schools, we decided on a place to land. We were insecure thinking that once we decided on a city, that we needed to move there, buy a house, and start living our lives. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that that we realized that we are not bound to any city, and that we could move there, stay for awhile, and then evaluate our needs at that point. It is so freeing to know that at any time if we want to move, we can. This is completely different that my previous mindset of staying in one place forever.

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