Saturday, July 14, 2007

in the midst of moving....God moves

What a crazy time to be sitting and typing. Almost 3:00 am and today was a successful day moving some BOXES! Had some friends stop by and give some help, and along with the dedicated work of my wife and children, we got almost half of the truck packed BEFORE the big move day. I am still wondering what I am going to leave behind because I know that the whole house is not going to fit.

In making this move, one of the biggest challenges has been the sale of my car. Through several circumstances, it has drained time and money from me with no hope of letting up. However, in the midst of such a troublesome situation, God has again showed his mercy and grace on me. The story goes like this: I was at the DMV, well let me start before that. I needed to get my car smogged before I left California. In order to get a certificate I was going to be required to fix a whole bunch of things on the car that did not necessarily need to be done yet. About a thousand dollars worth of work. So, I am driving to the DMV and I ask God to be gracious to me and get me through the smogging situation by giving me an extension on it. When I got there, I waited in the usual line and when it finally was my turn, I approached the window.

Barking, the DMV Nazi asked me how she could help me. I told her that I was not sure. I then told her my situation about moving out of state and that I was not going...I'll finish it tomorrow :)

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