Wednesday, July 11, 2007

feeling the nerves...

Today, it finally hit me that we are REALLY moving. Not that it hadn't occured to me before, but today it took on a new feeling. You know the one....the pit in your stomach accompanying the multiple questions.....will we have enough space in the truck......what about the baby during the trip.....what if we find no place to live.....and the list goes on.

As I sit here, after rumaging through the gargage boxes, I am reminded of how much "stuff" we have that is not necessary. I have collected all this seemingly important and useful material only to arrive to the decision that I have indeed waisted time and space again lugging stuff from one place to another. Things I have not used in years still following me around everywhere I go. And, I wonder why it is so difficult to part with it all. What is the big attachement? Am I afraid that I am going to miss it even though I rarely use it?

I have been reading more about the agrarian life through some popular blogs. There seems to be tons of others who have gone before us fleeing from the city and establishing themselves in a rural lifestyle and living life like people used too. I have (really my wife did!) decided to label what we are attempting, Hobby Farming. We are still so early in the process that the idea of running a farm seems so foreign.

Tommorrow is a big packing day. I can't wait to sift and purge more!

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