Sunday, July 15, 2007

DMV cont'

to have a chance to smog it before I left. She again barked what seemed like another order to me about having started registration here that I needed to finish it here. That other states did not receive and register cars that were "fleeing" from other states. All of this made complete sense to me and I knew that I would have gotten that type of response. However, I stood there looking dumbfounded by her response as if I did not expect it. She again reminded me that I needed to "finish up" business here before moving on.

As I stood there, I was not necessarily thinking that she was going to change her mind, nor did I want her too. I was just standing there thinking "wow, not what I wanted to do." Then God stepped into the situation. I told her that the whole problem was not even an emission issue but rather a sensor issue that was going to cost me several of my precious green dollars. She exclaimed, "A thousand dollars! That's crazy" . . . to which I agreed. I told her I was trying to sell the car and wasn't able to sell it before I moved and that I would need to take it with me. Then the funniest thing happened. She said, " Wait a minute, hold on, there is something else you can do." I about flipped! She then started informing me that if I filled out a certain form once I got to NC, and sent it back to CA that they would EXEMPT me from smogging the car just this once. Just this once! Since when did the DMV EVER exempt anyone from smogging their car! I thought that the odds of this happening were as good as me winning the lottery in Los Vegas. (and I don't even gamble :)

Making a long story shorter, she gave me more paper to carry to my seat so I could wait for my letter and number combination to be called to be EXEMPTED from getting my car smogged this year! What a move of God on someone's heart.

The only sad situation was that on the way home, prior to giving God ALL the credit for the earlier DMV OFFICIAL PARDON, I thought that the way I stated my situation, you know all humble and innocent, was what converted her mind. Within seconds, thankfully, I came to my senses and realized my selfishness.

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