Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye and Hello...

The newest goodbye was just this afternoon. Our white van, that has been ours for as long as I can remember, was sold today. I took pictures of it just last night, then by around 9:00, Dad had already got 5 calls asking about it. One of the men that called for it stopped by this afternoon and bought it, just like that :)

Goodbye... We are NOT sad to see you go! :)
Newest hello is to this lovely piece of plastic!

Yes, I got my permit! I was 15 and a half on Valentines Day, and I wanted to get my permit as soon as I could. So I did a couple practice tests last night and this morning, then Dad drove me up to the BMV to get it. I was SO excited :) I passed the test then we waited FOREVER until their computer worked, then Dad had me drive home.... I was shaking like a leaf. Dad was yelling at me the whole time, saying things like "The speeed limit is 55 NOT 30, push the gas pedel!" All in all an eventfull day :)
Post be MacyAnne


KeriMae said...

Congratulations! Although I was wondering what you drove because it seems like your wheels are gone. I like your dad's plan: teach em to drive but then sell the cars LOL

A mom of many :)

LauraT said...

KeriMae: You are funny!
Congratulations Macy! Camille had to cancel her appt. to take her driver's permit last week because she was too busy. She's taking it next week and, like you, is eager to start driving. I on the other hand am a little nervous about it. I just got over Elena driving and now I have another one!