Tuesday, March 17, 2015

new spring...new life...

 I really do enjoy all the different seasons here in Ohio, but there is something WONDERFUL when we start to see the signs of Spring after a cold, cold winter. This shot was taken out of the family room window just two weeks prior to the break in the weather. Literally, we went from zero weather to the 40's in just two weeks. PHEW!
 And along with Spring...comes new life to the farm. This year our heifer Lizzy had her first calf. A beautiful little brown heifer. It was a little difficult getting her used to being milked and feeding her calf, but now after a month, she is doing a great job as a first time mother to her young.
 And Janey, our family cow for almost six years now, gave birth to a little black bull. This is a photo of him a Sunday several hours after he was born.
And then there are the new lambs. Here is one of the four that were born this year. Unfortunately, only two survived the harshness of being born in the middle of winter.