Monday, September 6, 2010

small town fun . . . and big time charm

Oakwood, a small village of 607 people (last census) had it's annual Homecoming Labor Day Weekend Parade today. Homecoming meaning those that have moved away come home for the weekend, not the football homecoming game being played. For such a small village, there was a HUGE turnout with a whopping 45 minute parade train!

These were some of the people that participated in the parade this year. Since it was our first visit to this small place (only fifteen minutes down the country road from us) it was a real treat to see this place full of small town pride . . . and small town charm.

And for us, the real WOW of this event was the children were participants in the parade, riding horseback! Here the children are riding with Cathy (the lady that is training the children on riding and training horses) along the 1/2 mile course. This is the first parade the children have ever been in, and was definitely exciting because they were able to ride horses along the parade route.