Thursday, March 26, 2009

ordered steps . . .

Spring is here, and it could not have come SOONER! Wow, our first winter in Ohio was atrocious! I am glad now that it is over. (even though we WILL have a few more cold days before it's over)

Even though spring is here, the thoughts of planting, getting chickens and a cow are in our minds, we are struggling a little with the vision/mission/direction of our family. For a couple years now we have been working toward buying a farm and planting ourselves into a community. That time is now, but there are a couple of components that are up in the air. First, we have not been able to find a farm in the area that suites us. We have looked and looked, and it seems each place we visit we still have the resounding "not this one". We are getting a little worn down having our hope deferred each time we visit a place and it is not the place we can call home. Secondly, I have decided that I will not be returning to the school I am working at this year. Long story short, I am getting off at the next port and will be getting on a different ship in the fall. That decision affects the possibility of moving out of this area. We have decided that we are going to stay in Ohio though. That's comforting to know. No more moves across the nation. :)

As always, we are trusting that God has our plans in His hands, and we are open to His leading us and planting us where He wants us. Navigating around work and property, I am sure that we will look back and see that He has ordered are steps. Proverbs 16:9
In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Thank you all for your continued support through friendship and prayer. One day, and hopefully soon, you will be able to come and stay "on the farm" and will reap the benefits of His blessings on us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

collecting in buckets . . .

This, my friends, is a science fair project in the making!

It's not actually a science fair project, but when I was constructing it the other day when it was raining in the HALLWAY, it seemed certainly to be just like what one would be.

Here's the deal. Because the wind was so vicious last week, several shingles blew off the roof and into the neighboring field, along with things like the BBQ cover, the worm bin lid, and a few other "this, that, and what have yous". As a result, there were several leaks in the hallway ceiling upstairs. I had put several buckets and trash cans out to catch the rain, but was unable to capture it all because it kept finding new ways to leak. That's when I resorted to the Ohio Handbook on Dealing with Elements. Actually it is not a handbook at all, it was a conversation I had with my mother who has delt with leaky roofs all her life. (I remember as a child seeing buckets strategically placed in our home to catch the rain) This time she told me of a new way of channeling the water so it collects in one bucket, and makes NO dripping noise at all. Taping plastic trash bags to funnel the rain to one area, poking a hole in the lowest point, then running a string down to the bucket did the trick! I also took a little creative liscence and poked string into the plaster and tied it to the main artery as pictured above. I LOVED IT.

Friday, March 6, 2009

feeling like spring . . .

It is beginning to feel like spring! Today was a warm 63 and I felt like it was summer compared to the weather we have been having. It is crazy how a few degrees changes the whole outlook of the day. Spring feels like it is right around the corner.

We are beginning to make some plans about how we are going to plant and get animals this spring not having our farm home yet. Some friends have offered some land to "borrow" to plant some crops, and we are thinking of boarding a cow at the neighbors house. SOUNDS CRAZY but we need to start now.

The children are all getting over HORRIBLE colds and coughs and the younger ones are on the tale end of the Whooping Cough. This has been our first "real" winter season so I am hoping that next year we will have built up some immunity to the freezing, cold weather.