Sunday, July 26, 2015

brand new summer . . .brand new driver

Yikes! Summer is already in full swing.

Spring came quickly this year, and it seems the older l get, the faster the seasons go.

This spring, Lady had another filly. Beautiful little horse. She came into the world with a real sketchy start but seems to be doing quite well now.

And now l have yet ANOTHER driver in the family. Asher took his driver training course, finished his hours behind the wheel, and then ACED the drivinng portion of the test. Go Asher!

And then there are the projects on the farm. We've added a couple of things to make life here a little easier. . . and some items just for fun.

The raft being just for fun. It still is at the beginning stage but we should have it up and floating within the week.
Asher and l finished building the water tower a couple of weeks back.  And minus a pump from the pond, and plants in the bottom of it, it is finished
And last week l started on the pond waterfall l have wanting to do dor awhile now. It will have two waterfall areas with a small catch between the two for plants. What l love about projects like this is we are using all recycled materials and even making most of the rocks out of concrete.