Thursday, August 9, 2012

big barn party . . .

Since I was gone during the month of March, the children decided to celebrate their birthdays when I returned.  And for the celebration of their birthdays, Macy organized a Big Barn Party!  She made a huge batch of chili and cornbread, and a couple of large, chocolate sheet cakes. We cleaned and decorated the Big Barn, and she invited several people to help celebrate the birthdays.  During the day several people came to wish them well.  It was great to be home celebrating my children's birthdays, and have people over as well.

The farm back is back in order now.  Mowing is done. The house, barns, and garage are cleaned out.  And now we are enjoying the later part of the summer.  Yesterday we went swimming in the pond, and since grandma came over, we went to town and all got slushies from the local ice cream shop.  I have a couple of weeks left before school starts, and a little bit of work to do before then.  WOW this summer has gone fast!