Saturday, November 12, 2011

for the winter . . .

Since it was REALLY warm today, I took advantage of the great weather and did some detail work that I have been wanting to do in the barn for a long time.  I am now at the point on the farm that most of the major work is done, and I get to spend time doing some small jobs that are relatively easy.  For example, today I painted another one of the gates in the big barn.  (as well as fixing a few doors)  The gates are fine the gray color they are, but I like to have them painted.  All the outside gates were painted different neutral colors last summer, and now I am working my way through the barn painting the inside ones white.  Years ago I would have spent hours cleaning and prepping them to be painted perfectly.  Now that I am older, less stressed about things being perfect, I just wipe them down a bit with a towel and start spraying away!  Even OVER some of the manure.  :)   
 We have also gotten a lttle head start on mucking out the barn by pulling it off to one side.  (actually, shoveling manure is a form of work that the children do when they get a little naughty with me or each other)  Instead of taking it out in the summer when it is hot, we opted to leave it in the barn until cooler weather to work in.  In addition, it is nice to only move it once.  Now we are going to haul it out the garden and dump it on the garden rows for next planting season.
 And the chicken house was brought into the barn for the winter.  Usually it sits out on the big pasture and gets moved daily so the birds can eat fresh grass and bugs each day.  However, during the winter time, they spend most of the time inside the house huddling to stay warm.  As well, it is a bear to walk half a mile to gets eggs!  This year we put it in the south east side of the barn to see if is easier to deal with than where we put it last year.
The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the winter season this year.  Plastic up on the patio, chicken pens away, last mowing around the pond . . .

Thursday, November 10, 2011

local pheasant hunt . . .

Along with deer hunting, the older boys have added pheasant into their hunting repertoire. 

Gary, the guy I have working on all my vehicles, called a couple of weeks ago and asked if the boys wanted to go with him on a local pheasant hunt.  (It is great to have other people involved and teaching the children new skills)  Since they DID want to go, I thought it would be a great experience for them, and a way to meet and to work with new people.  While I stayed home to work on making chalkboards, they went out to get some meat for the family.  And Nolan came back with a BEAUTIFUL bird.

Using a cast iron pan, Macy put all of her herbs on it, and roasted it in the oven for us to eat. And to my surprise, it was DELICIOUS!  In fact, it had a better taste than the free-range chicken we eat regularly.