Sunday, March 27, 2011

new items . . .

Finished activities around the farm.  A list form of all the new items.
  • I am now on Spring Break (yeah I get to do homestead stuff)
  • The puppies are ready to find new homes. (one is gone already and we are going to keep one)
  • Spring has sprouted
  • I have trimmed and sprayed the fruit trees
  • Purchased and am "walking on" red clover and tall fescue on the pastures
  • The patio is set up to use again
  • Cleaned out the garage
  • Multi-purposed the butchering table as my Etsy shipping table
  • Tilled and planted strawberries
This week I am expecting to do a myriad of jobs to shake off the winter look from the farm.  It's Spring now!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

fun with friends . . . and animals

Miss Leisa is now on holiday and visiting us here at Foutfolk Farm.  About a month ago we were chatting through our mutual online connections, and she mentioned that she was due for a holiday soon.  Naturally, I told her that she should make it up to stay for a spell.  So, she took me up on the offer!
It had been a year and a half since her last visit with us here, and this was the first time to our new homestead.  The first few days we showed her around the place.  And since it is cold and wet outside now, we are all mostly inside staying warm, enjoying our time visiting, resting, and she is learning how to knit. Wool socks!
 On our trip out to the barn, the children decided to see if they could ride the pig.  Now that he is HUGE, around 230lbs, he is able to take the weight of small children.  Even though he didn't really care at all for it.

 In addition to the spectacular pig riding event, she got a close-up look at our new little puppies Floppy had about 6 weeks ago.  In just two short weeks all ten of them will be able to leave the farm to be joined to a new family.  Hopefully we will have an easy time finding a great home for them.