Wednesday, March 6, 2013

snow storm . . .

kitchen window view
We had a sudden snow storm last night, and school was cancelled today.  LOVE these kinds of days.  Since I have the day off, I am making breakfast for the children.  Usually I am gone by 6:45, and the children wake up (a lot later) and make their own breakfast before starting on their studies.  I try to have them get their studies done before I get home so we can spend time together eating, playing, or watching movies in the evening.  Since August, we have been keeping more of a night life; not getting to bed each night before 10pm.  Last night, knowing that I was probably not going to have school today, we all stayed up even later.
The animals have been foraging around, and it is nice to stand at the sink (while doing dishes) and watch them.  I love living here on the farm, and enjoy the work with all the animals as well.  What's great about our approach is that we do not let the farm run our lives.  We don't let the work of the farm make us feel bound to chores.  Sure, chores must be done, but we don't let the chores dictate our schedules.  We work around the thing we need to do, making sure they get done, without having the feeling of being labored to death by living here.