Wednesday, January 16, 2013

other Christmas time activities . . .

In addition to Macy's choir concert this past Christmas, the other children had a piano solo to perform at a Senior Living center located in town.  This was Gresham's FIRST public piece that he played.  His arrangement for the day was Jingle Bells.  He asked me several times how he was supposed to bow when he finished his performance.  ")  It was AWESOME!
 And Christmas day was a great day here for us.  We all slept in, and leisurely opened the gifts that we either made, or purchased for each other.  This year I bought gifts for the children instead of making things for them.  (The older they get, the harder it is for me to make them things they want)

All of the children got electric mattress pads for their beds, and several of them got new night clothes to wear as well.   And this year, I decided to get them one BIG item that they REALLY wanted.  And I couldn't skip on the handmade items, so I made them each the first letter of their name, with the intention of each year making them one more letter to spell out their name.

It was a really casual day filled with lots of laughter, and I whole lot of eating sweets!


Anonymous said...

You are such a neat family. I love to hear what you are doing. What are you kids ages now?

LauraT said...

Your kids look happy. I am very glad that you had such a nice Christmas.

foutfolk said...



4, alomst 5 teenagers in the house at the same time! YIKESY!

Thanks Laura! :)