Sunday, January 27, 2013

finished rooms . . .

After we moved in, and I painted almost all the rooms, I updated some pictures of the rooms that I had finished.  Since that post, the rooms I did not get to now have the final touches to make them "finished."  This is the before/after of the upstairs hallways that leads to 3 bedrooms, a sewing room, and the upstairs bath.  (which I am currently repainting)
Not much difference except some paint, a couple of old world maps, and a mirror at the end of the hall to make it seem larger.
And on the way down the stairs I have a quilt displayed that has all the reminant fabrics that my mother kept from her childhood.  There are old pieces of my aunts dresses, my mom' clothes, and some of the fabric my mom used to make us clothes when I was young.  The blue and red patch used to be one of the shirts I used to wear!  My mom made the design years ago, and had some of my Amish friends quilt it for her last year.  She asked me if I wanted it now knowing that I had the intention of haning a quilt in the hallway one day.  How nice that it has my OWN history involved in it.  I found the hanging quilt/plate rack at a Goodwill for only $4.00 and it was a excellent fit for the space.
This is the Foyer, also functioning as a dining room.  On the listing of the home, it is considered the dining room.  But since we have a addition kitchen and family room, it is too far from the kitchen for us to use as a dining room.  We just use it as a pass through to get upstairs and a place to do studies or projects.  I kept the embossed wallpaper on the bottom and just painted over the color.  The top was stripped and painted, and a new ceiling fan installed.  One that matched the BEAUTIFUL/original woodwork.
I removed the broken radiators, added the furniture, and just awhile ago, added the wooden curtain rods and curtains.  I bought discount curtain rods and finials from the ReStore for an outrageously low price.  In fact, I only spent only $100.00 for rods/brackets/finials for the WHOLE house! And I got brown curtains from IKEA.


Anonymous said...

Looks great. So nice to get neglected projects all finished :)

foutfolk said...

You are right! It is nice to get projecys done. I have one room to finish painting and then I will have painted the ENTIRE home, including the basement. :)