Thursday, January 17, 2013

metallic paint . . .

Another great Christmas break project we all got into.  Painting tile.

When I bought the place, I was forced to live with this hideous green tile that looked like it has been drug out from the back shelves of a third rate tile store.  In an old, desolate town.  Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  I had plans of doing something with it, either replace it, or re-surface it, and this break time was the perfect time to get part of it done.

I purchased some hammered metallic paint (which is a new fascination for me now) and thought that it might work nicely in covering up the green tile, relatively cheaply.  I first masked off the green tiles, then had the younger children put an X on any other tile they wanted to paint.  I wanted to break up the pattern that had been "going on" in the mud hall.
Each of the children got a different metallic color and painted whichever squares they wanted to.  I did not care if they painted the same color next to each other, knowing that it would look great when it was finished anyway.
 After two coats of the paint, we peeled off the tape and gingerly walked on the tile for a day or two until it was permanently hardened.
 We used Dark Bronze, Brown, Copper, and Silver metallic paint for the project.
This summer we will paint the rest of the tiles, and then I will go back over them with each of the other colors to give them a slate/stone patina for under $50.00!  I'll post the final pictures of the tiel when we finish them.

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