Friday, January 18, 2013

beef in the freezer . . .

Tonight when I got home from school it was "butcher the heifer" time at the farm.  A friend of mine came over to teach me how it was done, NW Ohio style.  :)

After it was shot and bled out a bit, he loaded it on the trailer with the tractor.
 Inside his shop, which is only a few miles from the farm, it was hoisted up so the skin could be removed.
 Asher has skinned many small animals this year so it was easy for him to work with this large animal.
And this was the beast without all the fur.
After the internal organs were removed, the carcass was cut down the center to hang and cool for the night.  Tomorrow we do all the cutting up and packaging the near 300 pounds of meat that will be going in our freezer that night.
 And tonight I brought home the tallow and started rendering it on the wood cook stove.  It smells a little beefy in the family room just now!


LauraT said...

Oh, my! There it really is - beef! I thought the best tasting beef was aged. How does this work if you butcher it then immed. freeze it? Does it have a milder taste? I guess you'll find out, huh?!

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

It is better tasting if aged a little.....but its a hassel to do without a meat locker

foutfolk said...


I have heard that aged beef does taste great. However, I was just interested in getting it done and into the freezer for this winter season.


You are right . . . finding a place to store it is a hassle. :)