Tuesday, February 9, 2010

school is canceled . . .

What do you do with a WHOLE BUNCH of old broken radiators in your house? How do you remove cast iron pieces that weigh over 500 lbs?

Today, since we had school canceled, I decided to start the grueling work of disassembling the radiators that are not in use in the house. Actually, it is not grueling at all, it was quite easy to take the largest one apart in the living room today. Since our house is staying warm with the amount of radiators we have with the addition of the wood cook stove, I plan to try and salvage the broken radiators and part them together to get a couple working. I need to install at least three in the bedrooms we are all using, so if I can mix-match them to get those working, I'll be satisfied. After talking with the plumber and him telling me it would take $20,000 to replace them all, I thought I might try a more economical approach.

Today the birds are out in full force again. It seems that we have quite a variety of wildlife here at the house. There is a bird feeder just outside the window of the family room. Since we've lived here, and given them some seeds to eat, there have been tons of different species of birds that frequent the free buffet. Macy took these photos of the male and female cardinals that have been visiting.

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Barbara said...

Tell Macy that professional photography is a GREAT profession!!!