Sunday, February 14, 2010

out on the end . . .

Who needs the circus when you have all the thrill a person could want in a barn!

Nolan climbed to the top of our hip roof barn to change one of the light bulbs today. It was quite scary for him, and me, watching him scale up the beams to the light socket that was 30 feet in the air. In the first photo he is climbing up the support beams. In the second photo he's twenty feet high and is still quite a distance from the socket. If you look closely you can see that he still needs to shimmy across the top beam and then walk out 5 feet or so on a plank to reach it. The socket is located on the left side slightly to the left of the top of the "U" shape. With two bulbs in his pockets, he got out the end of the plank and realized the existing bulb just needed to be screwed in more to work.

Tomorrow we are, or really he is, going to change out the bulb that is on the other roof line. Maybe he'll get into tight rope walking next!

Some of our barn tidbits . . .

Built in 1927
8125 square feet on each level (over 16,000 total sq. ft.)
Defiance County Bi-Centennial barn
One of two barn in Ohio with two pictures of the state on it
A historical landmark in Defiance County

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Barbara said...

Yeah, Garth. 1) Yes, it is just that season for me so I guess I am extra vulnerable...but Beth and Dave miscarried a baby this week. There are so many things about it: the loss of a grandchild we had just begun to celebrate and expect; watching my daughter grieve, and watching her husband grieve. Then, she miscarried at Ed's birthday. Somehow this made it s deeper cut. I know all the "truths"...'it is natural and it happens', 'It is in many ways a protection'...yada yada yada but the grief is still the grief.