Saturday, February 6, 2010

on the side . . .

One of the benefits of living on a farm and having animals is that the children get opportunities to learn how food is made. Before Janey, they knew that milk came from a cow. They knew butter came from cream as well. But there is always that disconnect that happens when the food you eat is made and packaged elsewhere. Now even the boys are getting first hand experiences at "producing" their own food. Here Asher and Gresham are spending some comfortable time in the family room making butter for all of us. Cream is skimmed off the top of the milk and they take time to shake it (more like bounce it off the sofa cushions) until it separates the butter and butter milk. Most of the time the butter milk is given to the cats or the chickens, while we use the rich, yellow, creamy butter as our food.

Last night we had a late evening winter storm full of wind and cold weather. It was a blustery wind that left the roads full of slippery wet snow and our farm full of drifts. The children built tunnels and forts to play in for the day.

We are starting to figure out how to use the wood cook stove now. Ildi has played with it enough to know how to keep the temperature up and bake something, and cooks quite a few things on it. You can toast bread just by throwing it on the top of it!

Some of the delicious home-made bread Ildi has been making lately. I love home-made bread.

Another before/after of the entry way/mud room. The main entrance to the home is on the side. The formal front door has no side walk to it so we use this as our entrance. It makes it nice to have a place for coveralls, boots, and winter wear. During the summer we can store the coats and our mud/hallway won't be so cluttered. Right now, function trumps form. :)

Today it is 9 degrees and it doesn't seemed to be that cold out. What has happened to me!

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Barbara said...

You are becoming the real you, I think. I think you were made -- created by God -- for the life you are living now! I totally love it! I makes me smile every time!