Saturday, November 14, 2009

in a variety of ways . . .

Here's the gurney I found in the barn after we cleaned it. I started sanding it off so I can wheel it around and use it in a variety of ways. The most exciting thing I have thought about for its use is a MOBILE CHICKEN PLUCKING STATION. I thought about cutting a square out of the center and putting a stainless steel sink in the middle. If I did that, I could wheel it over to the outside water supply and have a movable sink to wash up the birds.

Any other ideas for this FABULOUS find? (no comments like "Yeah, throw it away . . . it's yucky!" please)

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Traveler said...

Since you seem to be in a "do it yourself" lifestyle, why not make it a surgery table. Whenever your family needs an operation, strap them to the table, slice them open, fix them and wheel them outside to wash them off. Think of all the money you'll be saving! You can spend on some other labor-saving device like a child-size harness for your plow. Put them kids to work!