Sunday, November 29, 2009

a few more won't hurt . . .

Since we already have animals, I decided to let the children get a dog. One more animals couldn't hurt huh?

My neighbor's mother had gotten a dog that was a little frisky than what she planned. She told her son she was going to get rid of it, and he mentioned it to me. Last week we went to see her, me and the children, and decided to give her a try at the farm. We kept her tied up for a few days, and the children led her around the property so she could get the smells and the sounds of our place here. We didn't want her running off and trying to find her other home.

It has been just over a week and we are working with her not to chase the chickens around the yard. These past few days she has done well. However, yesterday she chased a cock around and actually picked it up by it's neck. It looked like she killed it, but after we got to her we realized that it just played lame the way chickens do when faced with the pecking order. the rest of the day yesterday and some today she has to spend tied up to get the idea that she is NOT allowed to mess with our food supply!

In addition, we attracted a stray dog as well. A lot of times people who don't want their animals drive to the country, and drop animals off to fend for themselves. I am not sure why, but it seems like they think it is more humane to abandon it rather than putting it down, or taking it to the dog pound. Anyway, for the first two or three days we just ignored it. It stayed close to the house, was very friendly, and when led down the road, still returned. After a little debate, and after calling the warden to have it picked up, we decided to keep her as well.

It seems that both dogs get along well and it gives them a running mate to play with.

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Anonymous said...

According to several of my friends, the "cure" for a dog who kills chickens is to fasten the dead bird to their collar/neck and let them carry it around for a day. No more killing from the dogs who have had this punishment :) We haven't tried it yet, because (thankfully) our dog leaves our chickens alone.

It's very exciting to read about you finding your farm.