Saturday, February 28, 2009

going somewhere . . .

Well, we went and saw the house of our dreams today . . . and it wasn't the house of our dreams. :( Beautiful home, great land layout, woods, barns, you name it, it had it. However, you could hear the highway like it was a CD of traffic noise you have playing in a set of amplified headphones, the 115 acres next to it was going to be auctioned off, and WHO KNOWS what would go in right next to it, and the house, even though it was WONDERFUL, would not function for a large family that spends lots of time together in the same place. So it is back to hunting again.

On the school/work front, change is in the air AGAIN. I told my supervisor that I would not be returning to that school next year. I decided that I am willing to stay in the city schools, if there is another opening, but am not returning to the middle school I am working in now. Long story short, the ship is going somewhere that I don't want to go. No hard feelings, no regrets, I am just getting off at the next stop. And the next stop could not come TOO SOON!

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