Friday, March 6, 2009

feeling like spring . . .

It is beginning to feel like spring! Today was a warm 63 and I felt like it was summer compared to the weather we have been having. It is crazy how a few degrees changes the whole outlook of the day. Spring feels like it is right around the corner.

We are beginning to make some plans about how we are going to plant and get animals this spring not having our farm home yet. Some friends have offered some land to "borrow" to plant some crops, and we are thinking of boarding a cow at the neighbors house. SOUNDS CRAZY but we need to start now.

The children are all getting over HORRIBLE colds and coughs and the younger ones are on the tale end of the Whooping Cough. This has been our first "real" winter season so I am hoping that next year we will have built up some immunity to the freezing, cold weather.

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Traveler said...

The easiest way to build up immunities to the cold is to move to Florida! I am immune from going to cold places! Maybe a good hunting trip in order to get the blood flowing and restoring the humors! Moo!