Thursday, February 19, 2009

another art site . . .

Recently I have started so many new things. I am feeling a little stretched. Now that my online store at etsy is up and running, I have joined another art site to upload images to make them available. The site is called Imagekind and it is a place where you can buy prints of artwork from artists. My site is located at and I now have a few images uploaded.

In addition, I have started to teach an online class at Not an intense class yet but just getting my feet wet with the forum and the ways that I can disseminate information. As well, this month I have joined an Artist Trading Card swap with 18 people from around the world. We decided on the theme of cats and now are making little minature works of art to send to each other. I chose to do pencil and colored pencil graphic drawing for the first several of them. I still have 10 more to do before the 7th of March. Shouldn't be a problem.

I have finally called some property management companies to help me with renting out my Aldora house. It has sat empty for a year now with me paying the mortgage and it is HIGH TIME to get someone in it to rent.

It is still snowing here and we are finally feeling the effects of living in the North. I asked Ildi today is she had getten enough snow for the year, she just smiled, with the look in her eyes that said "when is spring coming"?

Next week we get to look at that house from the previous post. We all can hardly wait. It is only 10 minutes from this house and we have driven by a few times to check it out from the outside. Lasy week when the previous snow melted and left LAKES in the fields we drove by to see if any of the land floods. Some does, but it is only in the woods. No water stands even near the house at all.


rob said...

Well, I hope the new one is all you want and more. Nothing worse than the feeling of 'temporary'. I am sure you will love it on some level, now if it is only 'right' for you and the fam. Would be great if you could swing the whole acreage, but I totally understand the conundrum.

On the tags, I didn't like the way the sharpee turned out, so I went out for some quills and a variety of India Ink to do it up right. ;)

rob said...

By, the way is that a picture of it, in your last posting?

foutfolk said...

Yes. I downloaded a slew of them dreaming about living there. :)