Tuesday, September 2, 2008

giving thanks . . .

Having grown up in a small city just thirty miles from where I am living now, and then moving to Los Angeles and living most of my life, I never believed that I would end up back in Ohio, better yet on a farm. It is funny how God brings things full circle in our lives.

We sat tonight developing a friendship with some folks who live in the area. They run around with the same circle of friends that we know. I guess the main connection between them (us) all is good food. We all have various views on the church, baptism, . . . and yet the common threads center around family life, having children, and eating food that is closely related to it's natural state.

In talking this evening, we reminisced about our past, finding out more about each other, and continually were brought back to the reassuring fact that God has had His hand on us all our lives, and even when we didn't acknowledge Him, He knew our ways. It is funny to think that no matter where we go . . . He is there. No matter where we hide . . . He is there. There is no escaping the the magnificent sovereignty of God.

There are so many things that I am thankful for now. We are living within our means, we are establishing friendships, I have a great work situation, and we have even gotten kittens for the children to start our "life" with animals. (these three kittens are the first animals we have gotten as a family) But, there is nothing I am more thankful for than for God's grace as He has reconciled me to Himself through the sacrifice of His Son. The pain of death became a passageway for my life. And I am thankful that the plan for my life included my relationship with Him.


Rob said...

With regard to having 'Gods hand on your family' if I might add the reassuring voice of the 'Westminster Confession of Faith' chapter three, "God, from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of His own will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass.'

Glad to hear you are 'settling' in and with kitties no less! Well done!

Charley & Jessica said...

kittens are so fun! and you are so right in that despite doctrinal differences, those of us who love the Lord, and seek to know him more intimately every day, have plenty enough in common to maintain and benefit from wonderful friendships! Isn't God good!?

By the way, when you mentioned 'differences in views on baptism, etc', were you implying that you guys do or don't believe in water baptism? Just curious, because we lean towards that belief (being somewhat dispensational in our doctrinal beliefs). :)

love jessica and charley

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put! It always come back to the simple Gospel message, doesn't it?

Rob said...

I would assume the main difference of baptism in this case would be 'Sprinkling vs. Dunking' and then the other question of 'At what age to baptize' and then finally 'To what end is someone baptized' all of which have a variety of answers depending on doctrine and creed. And all of which I should DEFINITELY NOT try address on 1. Someone elses blog, and 2. In the 'comments' section of some elses blog.

Sorry Garth, I couldn't resist! ;)